Decken Ventilator

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  • Up to 120W ceiling fans
  • 6 speed steps + off
  • Completely silent


The speed is controlled by switching between the different capacitors. In essence its the 4fach Binärausgang 230V with capacitors connected on the output, so you can use the 4fach Binärausgang 230V software to control the ceiling fan controller.

You can call a step by calling a scene what has the corresponding capacitors for the desired speed.

0all off 
1relay 41,5µF
2relay 32µF
3relay 23µF
4relay 2 + 43µF + 1.5µF = 4.5µF
5relay 2 + 3 + 43µF + 2µF + 1.5µF = 6.5µF
6relay 1maximum speed (direct connected)

The lower the capacitor's value, the slower the fan speed. You can change the capacitors values and steps for different speeds. I find these values perfect for my Asana fan.

Here is an image with the connected controller board:


You need to use a 10 pole ribbon cable instead of the usual 20 pole ribbon cable. Also, because of the size of the capacitors it is necessary to mount a few objects on the controller PCB on the other side of the PCB so that the housing can close.


icon_eagle_22.png Schematics and icon_board_22.png Board

icon_binary_22.png Firmware

icon_database_22.png ETS product database (Jung 2134.16)

icon_pci_22.png 4TE LPC Controller (on it's wiki page)